Upwyde Developments Paves New Paths in the Egyptian Property Market

Upwyde Developments: Rising Star in Egypt's Real Estate Galaxy

Upwyde Developments is a rising star in the Egyptian real estate market, distinguished by its rapid rise to prominence. This relatively young company has quickly established itself as a major player thanks to its unique combination of experienced leadership, a client-centric approach, and a strategic focus on high-potential locations. Founded by a consortium of six seasoned businessmen, Upwyde Developments possesses a depth of expertise that sets it apart, boasting over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Upwyde Developments’ unwavering dedication to exceeding client expectations is evident in every aspect of their work, from the initial design phase to the final construction and delivery. Upwyde Developments’ focus on collaborating with leading engineering consultants and firms, such as Raef Fahmy and the esteemed Hafez Company, further reinforced this commitment to client satisfaction.

Across Egypt: Exploring Upwyde Developments' Spectacular Real Estate Jewels

Mall Prk Vie New Cairo: A Versatile Space in the Golden Square

Mall Prk Vie, one of the prime Upwyde Developments Projects, stands as a cornerstone in Upwyde's portfolio, positioned in New Cairo's Golden Square. Prk Vie Mall, spread over 4.5 acres, is designed to be a multipurpose hub, including commercial, administrative, and medical units. Its proximity to significant landmarks makes it a prime location for investment. The Prices of units for sale in Upwyde Developments project start from 3,100,000 EGP, with payment plans starting with a 10% down payment and installments over 7 years. Upwyde Developments’ units are supposed to be delivered in 2025.

Cinco Mall New Cairo: A Commercial Hub on North 90 Street

Situated on the bustling North 90 Street and adjacent to notable landmarks like Maxim Mall and Emerald Park, Cinco Mall, a gem of Upwyde Developments projects, spans an area of 21,000 m2. Upwyde Developments project offers varied units starting at 50 m2, designed to cater to diverse client needs at competitive prices. Cinco Mall facilitates easy ownership with a 10% down payment and a 7-year installment plan. This makes Upwyde Developments project an attractive destination for businesses seeking a prime location with affordable investment opportunities.

Granoy Mall New Cairo: A Premium Business Destination on North 90 Street

Granoy Mall, also situated on North 90 Street, provides an array of commercial and administrative units starting from 31 m2. Granoy Mall sets a premium on its spaces with total prices starting from 2,635,000 EGP. Upwyde Developments project offers businesses and investors an opportunity to be part of a prestigious development with a 10% down payment and 6-year installment plans, making it a prime choice for those seeking a high-end business location.

It Business Hub New Cairo: A Modern Commercial and Administrative Center

It Business Hub Mall, a mixed-use commercial, administrative, and medical project from Upwyde Developments, is situated close to the Ring Road and Suez Road, at a key intersection on North 90 Street, and just a short drive from the New Capital. This hub has a range of spaces available, with the price per meter of units starting from 58,500 EGP, and the total price starting from 6,000,000 EGP. Own your dream unit with convenient payment plans starting with just 10% down and flexible installments up to 6 years. Upwyde Developments Project completion and unit delivery are expected in 2025.

Iguall Mall Fifth Settlement: A Central Commercial and Administrative Hub

Iguall Mall, one of Upwyde projects in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, is a modern commercial and administrative center offering units to buy starting from 31 m2, and total prices starting from 2,100,000 EGP. Iguall Mall provides flexible payment plans to book your dream unit, including a minimal 5% down payment and a 6-year installment plan. Investors seeking attractive returns in a central location will find Iguall Mall an irresistible proposition with its flexible financial terms and strong growth potential.

Strategic Collaborations: Upwyde Developments’ Blueprint for Real Estate Excellence

Upwyde's strategic choice of the best contracting companies ensures that each project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its clientele. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Upwyde Developments has partnered with leading engineering consultants and firms for its projects, including a collaboration with Raef Fahmy for It Business Hub Mall and the esteemed Hafez Company for designing Iguall Mall.

Upwyde Developments is set to redefine the landscape of real estate in Egypt, combining innovative design with strategic locations to create spaces that resonate with modern lifestyles and investment aspirations. All Upwyde Developments projects reflect its commitment to diversifying its portfolio and reinforcing its presence in key urban areas.


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