8 Advanced Welding Tools to Upgrade To

If you have been in the welding game for a long time, you might be now looking to upgrade to some better and more advanced welding tools, like the Miller bobcat generator Advanced tools allow you to get work done better and more easily than before which is important if you are planning to start a business or if you already own a welding company.

Since there are many welding tools on the market, you might be confused about which one to buy. This guide will cover the advanced tools to consider that can make a big difference in your business and welding journey.

Welding Clamps

As you learn to make more things and want to advance your skills, you will need to get some welding clamps as these allow you to measure things more precisely and accurately. They also allow you to hold the metal pieces together in just the right spot which is important when you need pieces to fit together just right.

Welding clamps ensure that you have the support you need when it comes to positioning metal products together. If you do not use clamps, all the pieces can shift giving you an awkward-looking final project.

Darkening Welding Helmet

As all welders know, wearing a helmet is a must because you need to ensure that no sparks get onto your face or enter your eyes. UV radiation is also created during the welding process so you want to make sure your face and eyes are well protected .

One of the best advanced tools you can get is an auto-darkening helmet. The helmet will automatically switch between modes allowing you to inspect and weld without needing to change any settings yourself.

This allows you to focus more on your work without needing to make silly adjustments to the helmet all the time. A good helmet can also make you more productive and allow you to work for longer hours when needed.


Soapstone is used by welders all over the world when they want to write or mark something. Soapstone draws on metal and it's very similar to writing on a chalkboard. Even though the name makes it sound like soap, it's very different.

It can handle very high heat and it does not crumble when put against hot metal. It can also be easily removed after use which makes it a good thing to use when you want to draw curved lines or when you want to draw on any kind of metal.

Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are a more basic tool but many welders do not have one because they are not aware of how much easier it can make your projects and welding processes. Angle grinders are used for many different things including smoothing, polishing, cutting, and grinding items 

If needed, you can also use the grinders to remove old pieces of welds that you no longer need. You can also use it to clean up any excess materials that are making it harder for you to get your project done.

Wire Feeder Welders

If you do not have a wire feeder welder already, you might want to consider getting one as it makes all your work much easier. Wire feeders are often needed when you want to extend the current length of your MIG gun.

This might be needed sometimes depending on what operations you're working on or if you're trying to do an odd job that requires maneuvering in a certain way.

With a wire feeder, you can easily put the wire through an electrode so that it easily goes into a gun or torch.

Chipping Hammer

When you are a welder, you know that you need a lot more equipment and tools than just the welder itself. This is because welding requires a lot of tools and a lot of precision to ensure that all jobs are done correctly.

A chipping hammer is a necessary tool for all welders because it allows you to get rid of any debris or spatter around the surface and project you are working on. When you have a welding surface that is clean, you will find it's much easier to make things because you can see clearly what you are doing and what there is left to do.

Chipping hammers are also very durable when you buy the right kind, which means you can make a one-time purchase and then keep the same one for years and years to come.

Sheet Metal Gauge

Before you begin welding or doing anything productive with your metal, you need to ensure you know how thick the metal is. A sheet metal gauge is the perfect tool to do this because it has small teeth that allow you to measure the thickness and width of all the metal you are working with.

Although some welders say they can determine the thickness of metal with their bare eyes, this is not usually possible, and having a sheet metal gauge will ensure you don't make any mistakes that could have been avoided.

Welding Machine

A good welding machine is a must whether you want to work as a professional or you just want to do a few projects here and there as a hobby. A welding machine is the main tool you will use as a welder so you need to ensure it's good quality.

As a new welder though, you can buy a basic welding machine and then buy a more advanced one in the future once you have decided that welding is something you are going to do in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Welding tools  can be complicated especially since there are so many basic tools and then even more advanced tools that you can upgrade to whenever you have the budget and the money for it.

By following this guide, you can ensure you upgrade your welding tools to more advanced ones that can help you make endless projects with better precision and accuracy. 


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